How It Works

See your artwork at every meal! Pottery will last many years if handled correctly. Food safe and non-toxic. Handwash only.

Pottery painting is easy… No experience necessary. No appointments needed.

How much does it cost?

There is a $5 studio fee per painter to cover the cost of the colors you use and kiln firing. Pottery cost will vary depending on size and complexity of the piece. Most items are between $15 and $25 dollars.

When do we get our pottery back?

7-14 business days. There is quite a process ceramics have to go through before they are ready. After you decorate your artwork, we dip everything in a clear glaze. Once that dries it’s off to the kiln to be fired to cone 06 (1855 degrees fahrenheit). Then they are cleaned by hand with a slilt stone.

Group/After hours events

Reserving the whole studio is great for field trips, team building or even your own private paint and sip. Cost to book the studio is $100. Our studio capacity is 45 painters. Extra parking is available behind the studio. Call 850.736.7018 for availability.

Can you use your mugs or plates?

Yes. After the pottery comes out of the kiln you can use your artwork! We use Stroke and Coat glazes by Mayco. They are the most popular glazes and found in paint your own pottery studios throughout the country. All glazes are non-toxic. Glazes do not stain either so no need to use smocks! ***Pottery is handwash only and not microwave safe.***

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